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Elevate With Wings

"Don't Stress, Just Progress"

Spiritual Clothing That Motivates & Inspires

ElevateWithWings.co.uk is an Online Spiritual Clothing Store. Our Designs are inspired by Ancient  Spiritual Symbols, Yoga, Philosophy & Positive Energy. Here at Elevate WW good vibes are incorporated into our products to keep you feeling good.

"Your thoughts are beautiful & shape your world".


Why Elevate "With Wings"

As a Spiritual Clothing Brand we're all about raising (Elevating) your vibration and state of mind. We feel the Heart Chakra symbolizes this best. As Kundalini energy activates it rises up the spine activating the chakras (energy centers). A serpent is used to symbolise Kundalini energy as the energy moves similar to how a snake crawls (left to right). It is said that when the serpent reaches the Heart chakra it grows Wings and rises up to the higher states of consciousness (and other chakras) thus Elevating With Wings.

We believe that an activated heart chakra will bring you wisdom (Understanding) and elevation. A mind that thinks and reasons before reacting is able to keep situations positive, rising above negativity.


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